Takreem Home and Community Care (THCC) providing a service – under the Personal Care Support Program that is flexible and centred around the needs, desires and preferences of people with all kinds of disabilities, ranging from those who require care around the clock, to people who only need a few hours of basic support each week to go shopping, socialising or to medical appointments.

THCC recognises that some people like to take a very active role in managing their own services (i.e. people want to choose the Support Worker they work with, when they are supported and exactly how support is delivered), while others need this support to be arranged and coordinated for them.

Therefore, THCC is offering two different types of support services:

Self Directed Services (also known in the Disability Services Industry as the Shared Management Scheme)

THCC Directed Services (also known in the industry as the Organisation Managed Scheme)

In order to establish these services, THCC performed a series of pilot studies to test the effectiveness of these services and to fine tune operational policies and procedures, as well as strategic plans before it is expanded to the general public.

For more information on disabilities and disability services in Perth and Western Australia, please visit the Disability Services Commission of Western Australia website www.disability.wa.gov.au