Takreem Home and Community Care’s (THCC’s) Personal Care Support Program, provide assistance and support to people, their primary caregivers and personal networks, in their own home to complete everyday tasks.

These tasks range from activities such as cleaning, cooking, accessing the community right through to personal care support (i.e. bathing, dressing, feeding, etc) and complex medical care.

This assistance designed to enable the elderly, vulnerable, disadvantaged and people with disabilities to remain in their own homes. In-home Personal Care Support can lead to the postponement or prevention of the need to move into a nursing home, high care facility or any significant relocation which may be to detrimental to the individual.

Our aim is to have a positive ripple effect on the community. THCC understands that ageing, disabilities, chronic medical conditions or challenging life changes, such as migration or displacement from one’s homeland, has an impact – not only on the affected individual – but their family, friends and the community as a whole. Therefore, THCC operates under a framework that allows care to be delivered in a way that benefits and supports all those involved in the person’s life, to create positive outcomes for everyone.

A common example of the ripple effect when caring for an elderly person with ailing health may be that their family members have to leave work to care for their loved ones full-time. If a Personal Care Support Worker came into the home to assist the client, this would enable their family members to return to work, sort out their own health issues (which are often neglected when caring for someone else), socialize with friends or simply have some time to rest and relax. Obviously this benefits their workplace, other family members/friends and means that the community is happier, more harmonious and more productive.

The keyword underpinning our service is Respect, as Respect is the direct translation of the word Takreem. THCC treat clients, staff members and all those that cross our path with respect and dignity. We understand that people have individual needs, desires and preferences and endeavour to be as accommodating as possible – taking into consideration all the complexities of living in today’s world – to enhance quality of life.

THCC has a strong focus on keeping our staff motivated and happy in their careers. We ensure that the people we place into your life, whether they are in a support role from a Case Management or hands on perspective, are there for all the right reasons. Our staff members are hand-picked by an expert panel and undergo a series of rigorous psychological, physical and practical examinations before being employed. Only the best will be chosen to care for you or your loved ones because there is nothing more important than your well-being. We believe that happy staff create happy clients and vice versa. After all, the main goal of life is to enjoy yourself! Where appropriate, our interviewing process will involve the person being supported (if possible) and/or their family members, guardians, advocates and representatives in the hope of matching the most ideal Support Worker to the client.

THCC regularly conduct service reviews with all key stakeholders as we like to track the progress and quality of the service being provided. Continuous improvement is vital for the ongoing success of our organisation and for the lives of the people we care for, whom we genuinely care about!